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Short Term health insurance, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, is a flexible, health care coverage solution when you need coverage for a period of transition in your life.

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Is Short Term Insurance for Me?

If you’re:

Unable to apply for Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called Obamacare, coverage because you missed Open Enrollment and you don’t qualify for Special Enrollment
Waiting for your ACA coverage to start
Looking for coverage to bridge you to Medicare
Turning 26 and coming off your parent’s insurance
Between jobs or waiting for benefits to begin at your new job
Healthy and under 65

Then Short Term health insurance, also called Temporary health insurance or Term health insurance, might be right for you. For these situations and many others, it can fill that gap in coverage until you can choose a longer term solution.

Long Commitment to Short Term Health Insurance

The UnitedHealthcare commitment to the Short Term health insurance option hasn’t just come about with recent shifts in the health insurance market. With Golden Rule Insurance Company, which became a part of UnitedHealthcare in 2003 and still underwrites the Short Term Medical insurance product today, we’ve been offering Short Term insurance plans for over 30 years.
The Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance

Buy health insurance online

Buy health insurance online

Short Term health insurance offers you just the kind of flexible, fast coverage you need for those dynamic times of change in your life. With UnitedHealthOne® Short Term Medical plans1 you can:

Get covered fast, as soon as the day after application
Pick your deductible amount from several options
Pick your length of coverage, from 30 to 360 days in many states2
Drop coverage with no penalty and receive a refund on unused premium if a more permanent health insurance option comes along

Apply for another short term health insurance plan when this one finishes, if needed3
Access an extensive network of health care professionals, with 1 million physicians and other health care professionals and approximately 6,000 hospitals and other facilities4
Get generally lower premiums than with ACA health insurance plans
Keep These Short Term Insurance Reminders in Your Long-Term Memory

With Short Term health insurance you are not buying an ACA health plan. That means you need to keep a few things in mind as you plan your purchase:

ACA health plans are guaranteed issue, meaning you cannot be denied coverage based on preexisting conditions
Short Term insurance plans are not guaranteed issue, do not cover preexisting conditions, and you must answer a series of medical questions to apply for coverage
ACA health plans are required to cover 10 essential health benefits, including maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance abuse disorder services

Buy health insurance New-York

Buy health insurance online

Short Term insurance plans do not have coverage requirements, so plans vary in what they cover. Check your plan details carefully

So, it’s true that you may save money by choosing Short Term health insurance. Just be sure you know what you are buying, and that it’s a good choice for you. For the right situation, Short Term insurance plans can definitely provide fast, flexible temporary health insurance coverage that fits your needs.

For not having ACA qualified insurance in 2015, the ACA tax penalty was 2.5% of your yearly household income or $695 per person, $347.50 per child under 18. You paid whichever was greater, and paid part of the total fee for each full month a family member had no coverage. The total tax penalty a family could pay was $2,085. Going forward, the 2.5% of yearly household income rate will remain the same but the flat fee will be adjusted for inflation.

Medical insurance USA

In the United States, health insurance is any program that helps pay for medical expenses, whether through privately purchased insurance, social insurance or a social welfare program funded by the government. Synonyms for this usage include «health coverage,» «health care coverage» and «health benefits.»

In a more technical sense, the term is used to describe any form of insurance that provides protection against the costs of medical services. This usage includes private insurance and social insurance programs such as Medicare, which pools resources and spreads the financial risk associated with major medical expenses across the entire population to protect everyone, as well as social welfare programs such as Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provide assistance to people who cannot afford health coverage.

Buy health insurance California

In addition to medical expense insurance, «health insurance» may also refer to insurance covering disability or long-term nursing or custodial care needs. Different health insurance provides different levels of financial protection and the scope of coverage can vary widely, with more than 40 percent of insured individuals reporting that their plans do not adequately meet their needs as of 2007.

The share of Americans with health insurance has been steadily declining since at least 2000. As of 2010 just under 84% of Americans had some form of health insurance, which meant that more than 49 million people went without coverage for at least part of the year. Declining rates of coverage and underinsurance are largely attributable to rising insurance costs and high unemployment. As the pool of people with private health insurance has shrunk, Americans are increasingly reliant on public insurance. Public programs now cover 31% of the population and are responsible for 44% of health care spending. Public insurance programs tend to cover more vulnerable people with greater health care needs. Many of the reforms instituted by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 were designed to extend health care coverage to those without it.

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance is designed to offer you coverage for common dental care issues and to help you budget for dental services at all levels, preventive, basic and major.

UnitedHealthcare has dental insurance plans, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company or UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company, that are just right for helping you fill out your health care coverage.

Flexible and Convenient

From our plans, you can choose the best dental insurance for your needs featuring:

Preventive care like routine cleanings and fluoride treatments covered with NO deductible or waiting period
Coverage for basic services like fillings or emergency treatment for dental pain and major services like retainers and root canals, which are subject to the plan’s deductible and waiting periods
Access to an extensive dental network of more than 182,000 dentists2
No need to submit claim forms. We pay in-network dentists directly
And with no age restrictions, our plans offer coverage for every member of your family and every stage of life. That includes if you are on Medicare, which doesn’t include dental insurance benefits.

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